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this is all fucked up

well, I guess I may not be looking for a new job. These past few weeks, when I've been getting 7.5 and 9.5 scheduled hours, finally, it's getting better... the general manager cornered me when I was working in the back a few days ago and told me that he "like the job you've been doing lately." he gave me another raise and promised me more hours. yay! lucky me got a 75 cent raise... fucking awesome when you make as little as I do... and this next week, I'm scheduled for about 19.25 hours, which makes me a little bit relieved. I can now pay for my car again in just one paycheck. Also, the GM told me if I keep up the "good work," that he'd train me in as a shift-runner (psuedo-manager) shortly. and then, I'll actually be makin' money... that and Steph may actually get her job back, too. then, we'll start having money again soon.

but, yeah, there's nothing to do in this town. all I do is work and sleep. sad. I mean, yeah, I hang out with my friends pretty much every day, but we really don't do much, other than the same damn thing we always do. and I tell ya, that gets old fast. *especially* when there ain't enough for too many people. heh. but oh well, shit happens... and now that I think about it, this town is described very well in MC Chris - White Kids Love Hip Hop. download it. listen to it. don't laugh too hard. (Ever watch Adult Swim? MC Chris is one of the creators of Sea Lab. also, the mentioned song features Brak, if that'll tell ya anything about it...) but, I think I'm going to go kill things now... the Master Cheif is waiting to pound some Covenant ass... (and that reminds me, "Fable" is now out for the XBox... I'm pickin' me up a copy of that come payday...)

until next time I'm too bored to do anything else...
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