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alms for the poor?

once again, I have no money. and yesterday (still today in my mind) was payday. but I'll get to that in a sec... ok, they're finally training me in as a manager at Domino's. that and the fact that some days we're really busy in the mornings, sometimes even too busy for the one manager that's working at the time. so now they've decided to have insiders working from 11-1 as well, just like some of the drivers. so those two combined means I get to open with the general manager a few times each week. I'm catching on quickly (I think.) but anyway, today was one of those days. I woke up at 10, shaved, took my time, then headed into work so I'd be there about 10 minutes early. well, if you've heard about my car's tire situation, you might get a kick out this... I noticed a strange noise as I was near the college, and started thinkin I should pull over, make sure my donut didn't somehow get loose and was wobbling all over. (yes, I had an almost-bald tire on the rear driver side and an almost-bald donut on the rear passenger side and an even worse tire sitting in my trunk.) well, turns out my donut popped. worn through. now that's funny. I'm laughing my ass off about it right now. but, oh man, at the time, I was sooo pissed. and again, I'll get to that later...

well, I finally get to work, walking in literally "on time." and that's not a good thing to be ever. you always have to be early, even if it's by just 2 minutes. *never* "on time." luckily, the GM was in a good mood, and we laughed a little about how shitty my day started. (there's more to how shitty it was, but not really much. so you're not missing much of anything here.) work was alright for those 2 hours I had to be there, we had two really slow drivers working, and we got a little rush during that time. so, I had to take a triple. but, I had a flat donut (still laughing,) so I wasn't about to use my car. I had to use the GM's truck for this, but it wasn't that bad. I made $11 on those three runs in tips alone, so I can't complain...

but here's another shitty part. during my break, I *had* to get my tires fixed. there was just *no way* I could chance driving like they were. problem: I have two badly bent rims. well, I don't know if both are really that bad, but I know one is just downright horrible. as in, if it gets any more fucked-up than it already is, I shouldn't even use it any more. but anyway, my front two tires are still in fairly good shape. they've just worn past the squeeling-point. it was hard to peel out with them. now, cuz I don't want brand new tires on the bent rims on the back, when I have a front-wheel-drive car, I had them take my decent tires off the rims on the front and put them on the shitty rims in the back. Then I wanted the new tires on the front rims. so, absolutely no rim rotation, except maybe passenger-side-to-driver-side and vice-versa. of course, all this costs an ungodly amount of money, and the sales people didn't quote me a price on the whole operation before they started, so I didn't even know how much it would cost me. they made it sound like it would only cost around $140. it came out to around $160. damn them. my paycheck was only for $143. plus, I *had* to put $20 in my checking account to cover a check I wrote the night before. (so, it's a *DAMN* good thing I got to drive today at work... but, that's later...) they wouldn't let me just be in debt, I had to pay the entire bill that day... so, since I just came from the bank (and almost never have checks on me,) I tried my check card, knowing there was $20 there, which was more than enough to cover the difference. but it didn't go through. gotta love how slow computers (and especially banks) are. I mean, *damn* slow. slower than a tortoise trying to walk into a blizzard with 50mph winds. I mean, shit. I had to leave my check card there (as colateral) and run home to get my checkbook so I could write a soon-to-be bad check. but whatever, I got all that taken care of, and now I'm not really afraid to drive my car any more. oh, shit, I almost forgot, this whole time I was almost on E. heh heh, that made things a whole lot better. so, I spent my entire paycheck not 3 hours after I cashed it, wrote a bad check for $12, and had no money except change in my change drawer in my car. Not funny (still laughing about the donut going flat, though.), after having my tire problem fixed, and since it took my entire break, I wandered my way back to work (but not really quickly, I had a bowl to smoke with a friend...) worked as an insider from 4:45 to around 7:30, where (the fun part's coming) I had another small break. you see, the GM screwed up royally and "forgot" to schedule two closing drivers tonight. real smart. especially since the only other driver wasn't very experienced in closing. *And* it's Friday. not good. so, this morning, before I got my tires fixed, he asked me if I'd work something like 10-close (so that would mean I would have worked 11-1, 4:45-8, and 10-4.) also, those would have all been inside/manager training shifts. but, as it turned out, they let my drive instead of being an insider. so instead of trying to run the store myself while having no real idea exactly how I'm "supposed to" manager, I took deliveries and made money. oddly enough, I only used the $3 in change that I put into the gas tank and made $12 in gas reimbursement. again, that's funny. but still, they let me take a short break around 7:30, telling me to try to be back at 9. and we were busy at the end. I got back from my last delivery around 2:30AM. we didn't get out of there til damn near 4AM. so, it is now almost 7 AM, and I got up 21 hours ago. what the fuck am I still doing up? I'm tired and irritable, but at least I only work 4:45-10 tomorrow (er, "today" technically.)

but, I've lost my train of thought... I think I'm going to..............zZzZz
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