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been a while yet again... (I'm horrible at keeping this updated)

well, it's been another few months since I last updated. Oops. oh well, life goes on...

...fairly recently, work's been really fucked up. and I mean *really* fucked up. the general manager managed to get a really big stick wedged up his ass and started treating everyone around that place like shit. I got sick of it. finally, I got completely fed up with his bullshit and flipped out. I was driving that day, and was sent on-call for about a half hour. during that time, that prick came into work and was fed lies about what I had said. my wonderful (brainwashed) co-workers twisted my words, and, as a result, my and that fat useless asshole got into a huge fight. not good. at all. in the end, I got fired. big surprise there. Corey doesn't like people who have a clue and who can think for themselves. he wants a brainwashed legion of retarded workers who will jump to do his bidding. fuck that, I don't need to put up with that shit! but yet again, I'm unemployed and still have car payments. oh, joy...

other than that, nothing's really that different... car's still falling apart... Steph is still playing games... and I never have enough nug to keep me happy... oh well, shit happens... but as of right now, I'm going to go fix one of those problems...

...until next time I remember that this thing still exists...
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