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I hate Heather's mom

....with a passion.  Every time Heather and I have plans, her mom does something to get in the way.  Usually, if Heather comes over to stay with me, her mom will drive over and pick her up at some ridiculous hour of the morning.  Even though she knows damn well I was going to bring Heather home early that afternoon or whatever the plans were.  She always fucking does that.  and it pisses me off beyond belief.  That woman is one of the reasons my relationship with Heather went in the shitter.  That woman is one major pain in the ass.  If it's not one thing, it's something else, and it's always fucking retarded.  Always.

...So today flat-out sucked.  Starting with that shit Heather's mom pulled, I really didn't feel well this morning.  With the frustration that woman caused, I pretty much had a breakdown.  I don't know why I was so upset.  I just know that I was.  I'm trying to fix my relationship, and that woman is still getting in the way.  Anyway, after I was able to get a hold of myself, I hopped on WoW, knowing I wasn't going to get back to sleep.  Quested a little bit, then got into a group for heroic Halls of Lightning.........  we wiped so many times, it was just pathetic.  we wiped on trash.  Fucking TRASH.  repeatedly.  almost all my gear broke, and I had a 33g repair bill.  WTF?  can we say /fail?

...Got to work almost exactly on time.  I walked in to find it busy as hell.  decent money, but I was so not in the mood for that at that time.  Not just a lot of deliveries and a shitload of carry outs and take 'n' bakes, but the owner came in and made like 15 party pizzas.  For those of you who haven't seen a Rafferty's party's fucking huge.  Let me put it this way:  I can't fit one into my little Honda.  My car's too small.  So, the oven was backlogged for a few hours, and the dishes just piled up like mad.  I had to close, of course.  Which meant whatever the other drivers didn't feel like doing, I got stuck doing.  And of course, I would have done all the dishes gladly except for all the pans and screens for the party pizzas.  And what do the other guys do?  Everything but the big shit.  The dough trays and the party pizza shit.  Of everything they could have done to actually help, they did what I didn't mind doing and blatantly left what I hated most.  Nice people I work with, huh?  At least Brandi was working tonight, so I bitched about it a little bit.  At that point in the day, I had been there for a few hours already, so she knew I wasn't having a good day.  So she offered to stay later and do all the party pizza shit.  That was the first good thing that happened today.  I did the dough trays while I was bitching about the party pizza trays, so that was about all I ended up doing for dishes all night.  Cuz Jake ended up coming back so I could get him a bag.  He finished my dishes and mopped while I took the deliveries for the last hour.  So the end of the day was alright, but the biggest part sucked ass.

But still, Heather's mom is just a thorn in my side.  Think of me what you will for saying this, but I really do wish she would just curl up and die.  It would make many things a shitload easier.  And then some.  Anyway, I have some grinding to do....  back to Warcrack

...til next time...
~Magikingbob of Crushridge~
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