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been a while again...

yet again, it's been forever since I've last updated, so yet again, here goes...

*again* when things improve and start to get better, I get kicked in the teeth and knocked on my ass in a puddle of mud. I actually got my job back at Domino's as a driver, and things were going well... then I get pulled over by a pig in an area where cars all around me are going just as fast... people *always* go 40+ in that area that just so happens to be a 30 zone. (right by Mississippi Terrace, intersection of Laurel/Highland Scenic/C.R. 48 & 4th St SW) I find out, the hard way, that my license was still suspended. it should not have been, as I took care of the reasons why it was suspended in the first place. just the state fucked up and never fixed it 'til after I was pulled over and ticketed for speed and DAS (Driving After Suspension)... I had to call down to the cities to get this fixed, too... Not to mention the fact that this happened while I was working, while I was on the clock, while I had the Domino's sign on my car. ugh, how embarrassing. I was lucky, though, that the pig didn't tow my car... he was "graceful" enough to allow me to drive the 3-4 blocks back to work and "park it"... what an ass. I was taken off the schedule for 2 1/2 weeks, but luckily not fired or suspended. now, even after I have my license back, I'm an insider, not a driver. I hate it. understatement. we're going through drivers like water. Corey (the General Manager) either fires them too fast or pisses too many of them off at once, and we can't replace them as fast as they go. we're hurting *badly*. we're down to 2 managers, where, when I started, we had 4. one of our drivers is starting to manage tomorrow, and Corey also told me that I may be bumped up to a shift manager if I do well enough as an insider. yay. I'm ecstatic. overstatement. I want to drive again. but no, I have to get that speeding ticket off my record before Corey will let me drive again. yay. Also, I got my girlfriend a job there... luckily enough, we've so far been scheduled the same days. and we start within a half hour of each other... (she's using my car for delivery until she gets hers fixed up and road-worthy.) well, we don't get off anywhere near the same time. for instance, I worked from 5:30-9, she was scheduled for 5:15-close (which means she ain't gettin' off 'til 2, 2:15 AM. luckily, though, she took a run to the Ramada Inn and Curt (our "new" manager) told her to take me home with that run, so... that's the only reason I'm home right now instead of sitting on my ass at work, not being paid.

On another note, and to clarify for Erick's reply (as well as for anyone who should call me 'druggy' and sneer and look down at me,) I am just a pothead. I *was* a tweaker. *was*. I saw what it was doing to me, and I fixed my problem. the only drugs I do are weed and alcohol. and at that, it should stay. I'm still young, so give me time to go forth and do stupid things. but I will *never* shoot anything up. even the thought of it sickens me. I've only tried shrooms once, and honestly, I'd like to again, but I don't see myself being stuck on them. as for acid, I'm almost afraid to try it. I don't think I want to, as it, like glass, is a manufactured drug. and I know how those kinds of drugs can *permanently* fuck you up. I don't want that, so I'll avoid it. I am a pothead. stoner. drunk. (I'm not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings.) I do not spend every spare dollar I get on weed, either. I don't splurge. I may try to smoke my stash like Tommy Chong some times, but I've gotten better at conservation. I know when to stop. my friends may still like to smoke that way with their stuff, but I don't do that as much with what I buy. ganja does not rule my life. But it is something I like to do in my spare time, it is something I enjoy doing with my friends. I mean, it's just like sitting around the mall for a few hours every day with a few friends. they post 'no loitering' signs at malls, why don't you yell at the mallrats? I mean, they're just sitting there, out of the way, not bothering anyone. but they're loitering. my friends and I smoke weed, but we keep to ourselves. we behave in public. so what's the big deal? let us alone and we won't have a problem with you. it's how we like to spend our excess time. would you rather we try to figure out how to make bombs and go blow up mailboxes? I didn't think so.

but I think I'm going to find something else to do...
'til later...
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