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looking for a new job...

well, I hate my job. and I'm rather pissed off at my general manager right now. four weeks ago, I hit damn near 60 hours. three weeks ago, 16. two weeks ago, 12.5, this past week, 13. Next week, I'm scheduled for 7.5. Pissed. Understatement. so, as of right now, I'm debating putting in my two-weeks' notice now or if I should just threaten it to see if I can get more hours. if I don't get at least 15 (maybe I'll say 20, though) hours the next week, I *will* be quitting. I'm not even getting enough hours to make my monthly car payment, let alone insurance, let alone pocket money. I *was* going to get a sub for my car with this paycheck. that ain't happenin' any more. I'm going to have to save all my money so I can actually make my car payment on time, even though it'll take two checks to do this time. and *that* pisses me off. but, ya, anyone know of any place I can work that will actually pay me a decent amount *and* give me decent hours? please, let me know....

...but enough bitching, I'm going to go try to beat Halo...
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Damn....the only place I know of that is hiring, and will give plenty of hours is the nursing home next to my job.I know they would hire you, but I'm pretty sure you're not intrested. lol! understandable...
but.I'll keep my eyes open for you....
If I were you I would try to threaten them a little. You know? just to scare them a little, or see if it would scare them at all..
but anyways....
MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm...halo..I havent played that forever.