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part of the car fixed

well, the brakes got fixed in the car today... however, since then, I haven't *seen* my car (which is quite a bit irritating, but life goes on.) now all I gotta do is have the body damage fixed, the back two rims replaced, fix the e-brake and find out what's wrong under the hood... then it's back to decking her out... but oh well.

rumor has it they want me back at Domino's, but I'm not sure if I really want to *be* back. but regardless of what I decide, I can't go back until the car's fixed up a little more. I wanted to get the car into the Body Works right after I got the brakes fixed, but Steph's whining about going to visit her family in Alex. and if my car is required for that, I'm not even going to get the car into the shop til next week. and then I won't get the car back for yet another week, which means I can't even go look for a job (if I choose not to go back to that Hell Hole) for another half a month or more. ...and if we're going to be moving down to Oklahoma in a few months, I kinda need a job ASAP. the more money I make now, the more of a buffer I'll have for getting a job down there. (that and the less likely I'll be to leave here empty-handed, if you know what I mean... hehe)

...but, I'm kinda bored out of my mind, so I think I'll go stare at my pitiful collection of XBox games and then not play anything for a few hours...

until next time, I guess...
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