Depresséd Avenger (kingbobtheevil) wrote,
Depresséd Avenger

Fuck Activision.

This is a repost of a ticket I opened....  kinda, except expanded for more detail.....

Dear Blizzard,
GET RID OF ACTIVISION!!!!  Ever sine the merger, your games have been horse shit.  The Burning Crusade was, by FAR, the best version of World of Warcraft to date.  Since the merger, you have put out generic garbage that some dipshit in junior high could create in his/her spare time.  Sadly, I find myself continuing to play WoW and D3 due to a lack of interest in current games.  I'm seriously tempted to dig out my SNES and replay Chrono Trigger for another 10 years until the game developing community has figured out that gamers DO NOT WANT generic garbage like Guitar Hero or Call of Duty.  Just because you have the retards convinced that "Garbage is good gaming," does not mean that REAL gamers appreciate this worthless shit being cranked out by developers every year.

***added content***
For those who do not already know, Activision is the company that busies itself buying out GOOD gaming companies and forces them to put out generic garbage.  They have destroyed good titles in the past, like Guitar Hero (originally made by Harmonix.)  Though I will concede that Blizzard has, in itself, forced good programmers to leave (see "Hellgate: London" and "Torchlight" 1 and 2,) due to varying circumstances, they have still produced good games and patches throughout the years.  However, as time went on, they started catering to retards.

***back to the original***
GIVE US BACK THE *REAL* BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT!!!!  I remember a time when Blizzard put out quality products with quality patches.  Diablo 2 had its high time around 1.09, before it got flooded with high-end Rune Words that turned the game from rare-farming to garbage-farming. Reduce my MF to negative 500 please, so I can get a 4-socket flail to make Heart of the Oak.

***added content***
Under pressure, Blizzard started "dumbing-down" their games.  Look at World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King or Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction patch 1.10.  WotLK was catered to retards who can't do simple boss mechanics.  Not only that, but they *really* started to recycle boss mechanics.  (This meaning that there was a certain strategy to follow to beat a certain boss.  Regardless of EXACTLY what "ability" the boss had, the WAY TO AVOID IT was the same.)  Blizzard started making the encounters easier for retards to get gear.  I remember a time where players with "epic" gear were actually GOOD.  (Meaning, you had to have talent to defeat certain bosses and get their higher-item-level drops, or else you got stuck with "rare" blue-quality gear.)  Or with Diablo, they made the game solely about grinding.  He who spent the most time with a Bot program would have the highest chance of success.  And before you even think about it.......  NO, Blizzard didn't ban people for using them like they pretended to.  I used one for one full year during the end of Cata's base release through half of the Firelands patch....  almost a full year of Botting, and no ban. 

Do the world a favor and get rid of the horse shit company that's bringing you down.  GET RID OF ACTIVISION!!!!  NOW!  I look forward to the sequel of WoW and D4 and a time where Blizzard is Blizzard and NOT ACTI-GARBAGE!  (seriously, if I wanted to play horse-shit games, I'd buy-in to Call of Duty, the game that gets re-made every single year with no upgrades and minor weapon changes.  I have retarded co-workers (with learning disorders, so I don't blame them) who buy that shit every year.) ***SARCASM:*** Please, give me recycled garbage every year on the nose so I can give you another $60 for the "base" game and then $15 per "map pack," of which there are usually 3 before the next recycled Call of Garbage game.  I love giving a worthless company over $100 a year for a shitty, recycled product.  I guess I should quit WoW too.

***added content, due to a "character limit" on tickets."**
I only continue to pay for WoW due to the few friends who still play it almost as rarely as I do.  I used to be in a hardcore progression guild, where, if you didn't bring  your "A-Game," you didn't get an invite to the raid.  I'm used to playing with quality gamers, and D3 and WoW: Cataclysm has destroyed my faith in the gaming community.  I should probably mention that I HAVE played the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta, and it disappoints me more than Cataclysm did.  All I see coming from this expansion is "epic" loot from 5-man dungeons and raid bosses requiring no skill whatsoever to kill.  *SARCASM* PLEASE GIVE ME "Hello Kitty: Island Adventure" MMO!  that's the BEST GAME EVER!!!
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